Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Motivation? Mother nature.

After listening to the weather and hearing that the evening t-storms are hitting north of me, I jump on the bike at 7:30 pm. Sunsets at 8:37 so I should be able to ride for 85 minutes.
The plan is to do some intervals, a whole other subject in itself, so I don't need alot of time.
I do intervals up to my turn around spot. Not paying alot of attention to my surroundings as most of the time I'm in my "pain " zone.
I pause for a minutes and off to the west I see dark clouds, and lightening and its heading towards me fast.
I drop all pretenses of intervals and just start hammering it the 8.5 miles back home.
The legs were crying out for a rest but everytime I'd let up for second, a flash of lightening would re-energize me.
I roll into my garage and a minute later the storm hits.
Final score of day.
Ok, the weatherman got me this time.

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ChrisJ said...

Your not doing them right unless you puke....I had some cliffblocks come up today. To fucking hot.