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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pimping my ride.

My latest bike related purchase.
Sweet, ain't it?
And to make it better I got the shop discount.
Oh yeah.
If you can't tell from the pict, its the latest and greatest in "comfort" biking from Bontrager.
Hell it evan has "the support of nine springs under the saddle base to keep the Boulevards ride plush evan on the most unforgiving road surfaces" (Manufacturer quote).
I picked this up for my brother to put on my Redline.
His B-day is next week so I'm going to let him use the bike next week. I just gotta make it clear.
The SEAT is your birthday present, the bike is a loaner.
So when your riding around So. Md. and see a real big guy on a cool looking Redline with a dorky seat, don't screw with him.

I took a look a year back on the blog to see what I was doing last March. Last year must have been worst for biking than now. 2 posts for all of March 09, and one of them had me talking about starting at the LBS.

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