Just 99 miles to go

Monday, March 22, 2010

First tick.

Lets get this down for posterity.
First tick picked off me this year, March 21.
In all fairness to the trails at Wakefield, where I rode Sunday, I did come home and do some yard work. So I could have gotten it while getting up last years leaves.

Best weekend since last fall for getting out on the bike.
Saturday I did a couple of laps at the Rose, than walked in with my axe and got rid of a downed tree that was sitting 2' off the trail. Pretty sure I scared the shit out of some newbies who I came across.
You'd think they never saw a guy carrying an axe in the woods before.
Bastards didn't evan return my hearty "HELLO!".
Must have been mis-placed roadies.

Sunday I got out to Wakefield with my normal Sunday morning crew.
I needed the tight twisty trails for practice.
Saturday I couldn't hold a line for shit, out of practice.
I did a few run down the berms and practiced my turning technique.
I was happy.
Each run got progressivly faster and by the last run I only grabbed the brake once.

Lets start a little mini topic on my brother and watch his progress.
Lord knows I need something new to write about.
I passed the redline (my trusty 29er)off to him last Friday afternoon.
I'm afraid to say his 1st attempt at riding didn't go well.
It seems his inseam is 4" shorter than mine. (I cant figure that out I'm only 2.5" taller than him)
The thudbuster seatpost thats on the bike didn't go down far enough for him to ride comfortably. He said he was really stretching at the bottom of the pedal stroke.
So I'll need to get him a shorter seatpost, and see how that goes.
For a reminder, he just had stomach stapling.
He's down to 376 now. Lost over 60lbs so far.

BTw, my weight 222.


Anonymous said...

183lbs....35 miles Sunday on the Niner. Passed though Wakefield at about 1130am.

Tom said...

Damn, I must have just missed you.
I left about noon.
Hey, keep your weight statistics on your own blog. This here is "clyde" country.

Anonymous said...

Yea we rode from the house over to Accotink though Wakefield then back though Fairfax. Doing another secret training ride at some place called Elizabeth Furnace this weekend.