Just 99 miles to go

Monday, March 29, 2010

The check is off.

Well since I first started the post, I got my confirmation from the race director that they got my check and I'm officially entered in the SM100.
Damn that was quick.

This weekend was just about a complete bust.
The volunteer group at Cedarville was having a work day on Saturday. The park opens up next weekend for camping and this was supposed to be a last big push to clean up the sites and a few other projects.
I was planning on being out there all day and busting my butt.
Not bike training, but I'm happy as long as I go home tired and sore.
We ended up finishing up before 12:00. I think I spent a total of 60 minutes raking.
I barely broke a sweat.
I'm beginning to re think this whole volunteering bullshit.
I wanna work at these days, not show up for hours credit than have a BBQ.
I didn't evan work hard enough to build up an appetite.

With the early finish I had time to go see my eldest daughter in her 1st Tak Kwon Doe sparring competition. That was pretty cool.
I took tae kwon doh for a few years so I'm kinda interested in how good she does.
She takes after her father, long legs and arms, so has an advantage in sparring.
She ended up taking 1st place in her group.
The little shit is actually starting to get pretty good.

Sunday, I met up with the slow guys at Rosaryville late.
I got there 15 minutes after they had left but caught up to them after 3 miles.
I'm fighting off some kind of bug so I did the lap and left, evan though doc did his best to shame me into a 2nd lap.
I haven't had any energy and fighting a small nagging headache it seems for the past week.

Gotta jump it into gear and get some miles in.


YUEQ said...

great! It's now 160 days away.

ChrisJ said...

I'm in as of a month ago. I sent you an email sir about this weekend. Good miles GREAT climbing. It'll hurt but make you strong.