Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1st real ride in a long time.

Although I got out Friday and Saturday I think my ride Sunday was "real".
-No trail clearing
-I wore shorts
-Trails were in decent shape.

What do I get after my first real ride.
1 flat tire and 1 broke spoke.
All that from a little 15 mile jaunt through the woods.
Think of the damage I can do when I really start riding.

Well I'm STILL working at the shop so no big money loss.

Saturday I took my axe and cut up a large tree that was sitting 3 feet off of the ground. I left a good chunk of it sitting flat on the trail. Good sized log. Large enough to be a challenge but small enough to be do-able.
I'll be damned if my pathetic riding buddies didn't wanna "help" me clear it from the trail.
I relented and let them ramp it a little, but told them if I found out one of them moved it they'd answer to me and my axe.

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