Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm bored at work.
So what subject can we tackle today.

I got a new tire for the bike.
Yup, fascinating subject.
I'm been riding with Maxxis ignitors. Its a real knobby tire that I've had decent luck with.
I specificaally like the way it corners. I've heard alot of people say good things about the Weriwolf, so I ordered one. Its comes advertised as 2.55", but comparing to my 2.1 with a tape measure I'm only seeing about and 1/8" difference in the two.
Like I said, I only ordered 1. Left me with the decision, front or back.
I put it on the front. I've heard its better to have a larger tire in the front to float over loose terrain.
It might be part of reason for the good ride I had over the weekend, not sure.

I installed the special yellow tape that my Stans rims are supposed to have to make them tubeless. I haven't gone tubeless yet. Just put the tape in and put a tube back in. Kind of a bitch cleaning off all the residue from the old tape. Your supposed to do that so that the tape can get pressed completely into every nook. I'm going to try to do one tomowrow evening at the shop after hours. I wanna run the tubeless atleast a week before the race to work out any kinks that might pop up.

I've been trying to think of any last minute things that I've got to do to the bike.
I ordered a quick release seatpost clamp. I went with Salsa, I'm hoping it's a good quality.
I was also going to order some Ergon grips. Thats what I was riding on the Redline but the normal round clamp ons have done fine so far. I'll save the money and use what I've got.

What are we at?
18, 19 days.
I like that counter.


DaveG said...

What Ergon grips do you want? I have a set of the medium and large grips that I won't use that you're welcome to.

Tom said...

Thanks Dave but I'll stick with the bolt on Oury's. I'm not so sure theres any benefit to the Ergons. I just got used to them on the Redline.
I'm not so sure there worth all the hype. My hands still went numb just as fast with the Ergons.
Plus, everybodys using them now. I wanna be different. :)

DaveG said...

I bought them to alleviate hand pain; they actually caused me more numbness. That's why they're sitting in my basement.