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Thursday, August 20, 2009

16 Days, got the new light.

Tuesday I went out to Rosaryville for my weekly solo ride.
Just wasn't feeling the love. I did my normal time trial, with a stop to talk to Doc.
I ended up bagging it after the one lap.
Was I sick? No.
Was there a mechanical problem?No.
Were there herds of rabid ferrets on the trail? No.
I just didn't feel like riding.
That's why I'm not a professional athlete.
I don't feel like training, I'm not training.

The new light finally came in.
Out of the package it looks pretty good.
I charged the battery and nothing caught on fire so that's a good thing.
I'll get it out tonight and compare it to my other lights and post up how it compares.
I've got the 200 lumen Dinotte and the 20w Jet halogen for it to go up against.
If I haven't posted up details yet, the reason I'm really excited about this thing is the cost.
$90 for a light, with battery and charger that's supposed to put out at least as much light as my 20W halogen with a 3hour run time. A new battery for the halogen would cost me $90.
If your interested and want to read about it, here is the link for the discussion on MTBR.
I know its a cheap system with possible defects but what got me about the discussion on MTBR, is the number of complaints. There was only 1 poster who had big problems.
I've also been watching a thread over on Candlepower forum.

Supposedly, the manufacturer has been making improvements, so you need to read all the posts or skip to the end. The earlier problems with it, screws and heat management have been fixed.

This could be the start of a downward trend in the cost for bike lighting.
I know I wouldn't have held off night riding when I first started if I could have got going for under $100.

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