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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Excited again. Now which bike.

I've about made up my mind.
Chris found out more info bout bike choices for me.
The Fisher HiFi's will be avaliable sometime in August.
If I didn't mention it before, I found the shop can also get Niner bikes.
I was excited when I heard this cause a couple of years ago I was looking at the Niner "RIP".
Its a FS 29" 4.5 travel bike. When I was looking before, it sounded like the bike for me except some reviews about the rear end flexing too much. And of course, this only got worst as the riders weight went up.

Now Niner has 2 FS models. A lighter 3.5 travel "JET", and the 4.5 beefier RIP.
The RIP has been redesigned and the flexing rear is no longer a problem.
At first I was torn between the 2 bikes, do I really want a heavier (by the specs,1lb) bike or could I get away with the lighter Jet. I've been riding a hardtail forever so I know I could get away with the less travel bike thats not as beefy.

Then it dawned on me.
I'm not buying a bike that I'm going to ride all the time at the Rose or Cedarville. I want a bike that I can take out west (West Va. or GW forest) and ride all day and not feel like I've been beat up. I don't want to have to compromise anymore. If I'm riding rocks, I want the bike that I can feel confident bombing down the hills on.

So I'm going to go ahead and order the RIP.
There's a 2 week wait and its a frame only.
Now I'm going to to have to hash out all the other decisions.
Fork? Wheels? Drivetrain?
I can see me wasting alot of work time on MTBR going over reviews.
So hopefully, I'll be riding a full squishy for the SM100.

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