Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, June 14, 2009

83 days, road riding.

Met up with a couple of guys from the shop to ride a local groups annual "legacy" ride on Saturday.
I don't know what or if legacy ride means anything. Maybe its just the name.
THe ride started from the Merkle Wildlife Santuary in upper marlboro. Man what a boring park.
No water, no swamps. Just looked like a big field surrounded by pine trees.

The group was taking off after normal registration ended since they were doing some wrenching before hand (free PR for the shop). I was worried that all the rest stops would shut done before we got to them cause of our late start. I was leaving the camelback behind and going strictly bottles.
No need to worry though. There were alot of casual riders out there.
Evan at our "slow" pace we were passing riders who had left 30 minutes before us and the 1st stop was buslting with activity. Pretty uneventful and boring ride. Alot of So.Md. backroads with alot of steep ups and downs.
I split off from the group after 30 miles. They were doing the 46 mile route, I was doing the full metric century (62 miles). I didn't see anybody till I was almost to the last rest stop. I was starting to worry I was out there by myself.
On the last 20 miles I did pass alot of people which surprised me. Normally by the end of a ride I'm in "just spin the cranks" mode. I was keeping a pretty good pace though. Not zooming by riders but slowly reeling them in, cranking it up to get past (to make sure they had no chance to draft) then backing off.
Sorry but the MTBer in me just cant stand someone riding my butt.
Its un-natural.

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