Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its tick season.

I've been out at Cedarville doing alot of walking thru the woods.
My trailwork day for MORE is coming up this Saturday and I've got to figure out a project to do and how to get materials to the site.
A few days ago I was out there in shorts.
Scratched the shit out of my legs and picked off a few ticks.
The scratches don't hurt while they're happening but the look nasty as hell afterwards.
So last night I'm out there and wear my jeans. Save the legs and I won't have to worry about ticks.
I'm out a good 2 hours cutting some trees off a fireroad and hauling them into the woods.
After I leave I pick 1 tick off my arm. Do the upper body scan and I can't find anymore.
I have the wife do a leg check on me later after I've showered.
We pulled 7 ticks off of my legs.
How the hell do they make it all the way down there.

So just a warning.
Start using the bug spray while your out there.

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