Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Watch what you wish for.

I'm leaving the house Sat morning for my training ride on the road.
I'm going for another century.
The forecast is for morning showers with clearing by afternoon.
As I leave its overcast with the clouds breaking up to the east.
Now I have as much confidence in the weathermen as I do in those products that are going to increase my manhood (why all of sudden are those commercials all over Comedy Central?)
"Please. Just let it stay overcast for a few hours"
Last weeks ride under the scorching sun is still fresh in my mind, so much that I almost went to Rosaryville to do a marathon of loops.
After 20 miles, its still overcast with clearing towards the south.
Than I feel a drop of rain.
Its actually going to rain a little to cool me off.
The light rain quickly turns into a downpour complete with claps of thunder.
I keep riding assuming its going to blow over fast.
It didn't.
After 2 minutes I'm completely soaked including the shoes.
After 3 minutes the ipod remembers that its not waterproof and craps out.
For the next 2 hours it goes from heavy downpours with thunder to overcast and back continuously. Half the time I didn't know where I was at on my route cause the glasses were so screwed up with water droplets I could only see 100 yards or so in front of me.

At my turn around point, Point lookout State park, the southernmost tip of Md.'s Western shore
I get one last hard downpour then the sun finally comes out.....and it gets hot.
In retrospect, I think I preferred the rain.
I stop at the park store and take my break/refueling stop.
Soft chocolate chip cookies, cheese crackers and apple juice. The choice of champions.
I do forget also to refill the camelback. I guess being soaked to the bone and pelted with water will make you forget about drinking.
The second half of the trip home is kinda uneventful.
It was hot, and I was nursing the water from the camelback to make it last.

The trainings doing what its supposed to, I lasted probably another half an hour longer than usual before I really felt like dog shit and the triceps didn't give me major problems like my earlier rides.
I stuck strictly to the endurolytes, no sports legs, and I think I'm sold.
No cramping. I got close but they never materialized, and when I needed to push it (intersections) I was able to.

Final stats.
107.6 miles
16 mile/hour avg.
7 hours total time.

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