Just 99 miles to go

Friday, July 11, 2008

Quick health update.

Next year at this time when I'm looking back I can see where I was at.
Last year at this time I had already done 7 laps at the Rose, so I'm behind there. I did six laps a month ago, so it not too bad.
Right now I'm tipping the scale at 225. 221 right after a ride with water loss.
Last year I was still around 230. So I'm ahead on weight loss.

Got out last night for an easy ride at Cedarville. Well it was more like intervals.
The group threw me out front.
I'd bust ass to get out ahead of the pack than back it off and wait for the group to catch up.
My usual antagonists, Doc and Sue were no shows so the effort wasn't as hard as it could of been.

I've got something special for this weekend which should give me a good idea of where I stand fitness wise.

50 days and counting.
Can ya smell the fear?


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