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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

12 hours of Cranky Monkey

I've started this post probly 6 times and just don't feel like writing it up.
You'd think that with the little bit of variety that I get in my cycling that writing this would be easy.
In a nutshell, my performance was crap.
I've been trying to narrow it down.
The heat, the diet, the running start, the 4:30 wake up time.
I don't know.
1st lap was 1:18.
When I heard that I felt like the time keeper just slapped me.
I knew the 2nd lap would probly be my fastest.
I hyped myself up before I headed out.
The legs were way too heavy with no spunk at all.
And, the bike didn't wanna shift into the small ring.
2nd lap 1:11.
I tried to relax and recover before the 3rd lap but I wasn't cooling down.
Damn it was hot.
Somewhere in 90's.
3rd lap I had nothing left.
The bike wouldn't shift into the small ring and I had nothing left for the hills.
I walked alot more than I want to admit.
I was cussing at all the hills.
No, seriously. If you were riding behind me you would have heard me yelling "not another eff'n hill. ".
The 3rd lap was a wopping 1:23 or something stupid like that.
The good news is that we weren't last.

My buddies Sue,doc, and dennis finished in 5th place in the coed class.
The day wan'st a total lost.
The other guys , barry, matt, and chris, didn't finish last in the beginner class and had a good time.
I got to ride with my old riding buddy Dave K again. Evan sick with a fever he pulled in a lap 3 minutes faster than my quickest.

Its been 8 day since the race and I've been on a bike for a total of 20 minutes.
I don't feel like riding and I've got 7 weeks till the sm100.

I am going to die out there.

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