Just 99 miles to go

Monday, March 10, 2008

I can't get pysched up.

Did I spell psyche right?
What? Use spell checking?
Ok, I got it.

I just can't seem to get psyched up over my "A" race, the SM100.
Last year at this time I was watching my videos from the 03 and 04 races and would get butterflies just from the anticipation.
I don't know. The mystique is just gone.
I'm pretty sure I could have finished last year if not for the brakes giving out on me.
Although I'm not doing a lot of riding yet I'm in better shape than last year so there's no urgency to start training.

No, I'm still going to do it. I'm worried though that I won't take it seriously, hence won't train enough, thus I'll DNF again. I doubt it but it could happen.

I'll have to start giving day by day training blog reports so hopefully you people, my loyal readers will give motivation.
BTW, it really pisses me off if you call me a big pussy, fatboy, of a loser who can't finish what he starts.
Ok, my wife calls me that one enough so just go for the first 2.

Lets recap the last few days to get started.
Friday, 2 hours on the trainer with an avg of 16 mph. Is that good? I don't know.
Saturday I did trailwork at Rosaryville. I busted ass. I could barely walk after I got home and the fatigue lasted over in to Sunday. I didn't evan go to Cedarville with my normal group.
Damn I felt old.

Yup another bust.
I lifted weights for 20 minutes.
I'm going to look GOOOOO-OOOOD while I'm riding back to the Stokesville in a volunteers car when I DNF at checkpoint 4.




SuePer said...

Don't they have something for that condition...? Psyiagra or something like that?

DaveG said...

"I'm pretty sure I could have finished last year if not for the brakes giving out on me."

Coulda, woulda shoulda. Any more excuses?

You can start talking smack _after_ you finish one of these things. ;)

Tom said...

Dave I want to know what happened in 2001?
How'd your first effort go?

Ok, thats getting the juices flowing. If I want real motivation I'll just start up with Denis.

DaveG said...

My first effort? One of the worst days on a bike I've ever had. I was really fit, but I hadn't nailed down how to eat and drink for one of these things. My stomach basically shut down at mile 60; no eating and drinking past that point. I was pushing my bike up every steep uphill and by the end every uphill. I got so dehydrated that my body overcompensated after the race and retained so much water that the toes on my feet blistered. 13+ hours of absolute hell, but at least I didn't quit ;)