Just 99 miles to go

Monday, November 12, 2007

No, I didn't abandon the blog yet.

I just got into that mode.
I felt like if I couldn't write something entertaining I wouldn't bother.
Screw that.

I had my first official TW day as the MORE liason to Cedarville.
I had 4 people show up from MORE and Oxon hill bike club.
Not too bad.
We spent the time tearing up beaver damns.
What has this got to do with trailwork?
Well Cedarville is on swampy flat land. Streams run all through it. You can go more than a mile before your crossing a stream. THe beavers damn up the streams and they end up flooding the trails.

This was a new experience for me. I found out those little buggers can really build some tough structures. I ending up working in water that was about 3 foot deep. I didn't really want to but that was about the only way to get the damns.

We did this on a Saturday. I rode back by the work area on the next Thursday.
The little bastards had completely rebuilt.
Ooh I was pissed.

I tried to get a picture with the cell phone but nothing came out.

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Scott said...

Oh yea, nasty little buggers for sure and they can build fast. There was a stream in Southern Ohio that I used to fish and in less than two weeks a couple of beavers built a damn 20-30 feet wide and at least six feet tall. State had to bring in a track hoe to tear the thing out.