Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not doing too much.

I've been getting small rides in since my last post, nothing big.
Hope sent me the new axle for my hub. I put the hub back togather, although still haven't replaced the spoke that originally started the whole mess.

Now my fork is screwed up. I took the bike out to a park in ST. Marys a week ago. This place has the worst roots I've ever seen. The fork would compress but on the rebound it would slam up and top out. It wasn't a very fun ride. I spent the whole time trying to pick a smooth line, or unweight the front everytime I hit a root.

I ended up putting the original rigid fork back on the Redline and took the suspension fork apart. I did find one plastic washer piece that was smashed to shit. I don't think that caused the original problem. It might of happened while on the last ride.
So now I'm trying to find this shitty little plastic piece, thats not called out on a parts diagram for the fork. So far I've bought both of the rebuild kits and the part is not in either.

So as of now I'm riding around fully rigid again. I did it before for a few months but I don't remember it sucking this much. I can handle my local trails but and am weary about taking it to anyplace fun. Its not that I can't handle the abuse, the bike just seems to wanna go all over the place without a front shock absorbing some of the bumps.

The bike is in for a way over-do over haul.

Things that are wrong or need to be checked.
-fix the suspension fork.
-find out whats creaking in the bottom bracket.
-replace both shifters , neither one is shifting right.
-replace the shifter cable housings and cables.
-tear apart and rebuild the rear hayes hydro brake caliper. (Its rubbing).
-replace spoke and true the "good" rear wheel.

All this while I'm trying to save for a new FS bike.

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Tom said...

I also threw a rigid fork on my bike for just for hell of it. It;s fun but it beats you up - takes me back to the bad old days of mountain biking. All I need now is a 150mm stem and some 22" wide flat bars. What are you looking for in a FS bike ?