Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christ, not more broke shit.

Saturday I made it back to Patapsco for the 2nd time since I started riding 3 years ago.
Damn place is fun.
My buddy Denis, nope , I didn't mispell. He's French.
You understand now.
He led a ride their on Saturday.
I'm going to get back out there by myself and just explore some.
Its a great mix of some rocks, some smooth and ascents that make you work just hard enough but don't over do it.

I break a spoke at the tail end of the ride, no biggy but I need to cut the ride a little short.
Evan with 35 spokes left the wheel is quickly going from round to oval.

So I'm fixing it Saturday night. Pull the cassette of and find that the axle going through the rear hub as broke inside the hub.
Just great. There goes Sundays ride.

Good news is that Hope, the manufacturer is sending out a replacement for free.
Good thing. This isn't the type of thing that you'd expect to break.
I'd be smearing their name all over the net, but their sending a replacement with no questions asked.
Kudo's to them.

I managed to true my old original wheel from the Paragon up enough to where I'd be able to use it for a while. Its a true POS, but as long as I stay off of the rocks it should hold up.

Go for a ride Tuesday, no problems.

I guess I did a decent enough job of retensioning and truing up the old wheel.

Pull the bike outta the truck Wed to lube the chain and my Reba fork is topped out and will not compress. The negative air pressure was real low so I filled it up . No change.

So now I gotta rebuild the fork.

From reading, I was supposed to be do maintainance to it anyways. Changing the oil and O-rings.

I'm so tired of working on my shit so I can ride.

Don't hand me that "take it to the shop" crap either. That's worst than fixing it myself.

I do like the wifes attitude. "Why don't you just get a new bike".

If only she knew what I had in mind.

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