Just 99 miles to go

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm so happy. My front brake gave out.

Why in the hell would that make me happy your probly asking yourselves?

I put my broken brake lever back togather Wed. night (see last post) . I've rebuilt the master cylinders before so I've got all the right tools . It took about 10 minutes to fix the lever back to the master cyclinder.
Up and down the driveway it felt fine.

Last night I go for an easy spin at Rosaryville. In the first mile I lost all of the front brake.
The guys I were riding with thought I was crazy.
"Your happy that you have no brake?"

If I had tried to go on from aid station #5 at the SM100 I would have had to turn around after the first decent.
Good lesson on hydraulic brakes, if they start to go spongy on you, they don't get better by themselves.


The above link is for the results from the 2007 Shenandoah MT. 100
This year they only put down the names of the finishers where as in the past they put down everybody. If you DNF'd (Did Not Finish) its up on the website forever.
So, my name won't be posted up forever with a big DNF next it.

I did finish the ride as Rosaryville. After you've gone done Dowell's Draft with only half of braking power, Rosaryvilles a breeze.

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