Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 days, 17 hours.

Put new pads on the bike last night and rigged the old front d on so I could get a ride in tonight, Wed, and maybe Thurs. Nothing big. Some fun rides.
I might explore some at Cedarville tonight.

I am the new MORE liason for Cedarville but havent' ridden out there (except Sunday) for probly 2 months. My last ride was miserable because of the deer flies, so it put me off. Sundays ride was rather enjoyable.

I'm still trying to figure out my drop bags and nutrition for the race.
Do I try to use the Perpetum or depend on Hammer Gel flask and aid station food for my calories?
I know I've gotta drop a bag at 5 with the lights.
Do I go with 2 or 3 as my 2nd drop?
I'm not evan sure what I'll put in the 2nd bag. If I go with the perpetum, probly more of the powder to mix up at the station.
I've heard fresh gloves and a jersey make ya feel better.
I seriously doubt I'll need anything to keep me warm after dark. Evan if I am out that late, unless it gets below 55 I'll be fine .

Decisions, descisions.


Jim said...

You need some protein during the event so either Perpetum or something else to provide that. The Gel doesn't have any protein. The advise seems consistent that its needed.

My 5 bag is light also. I put in new gloves and socks not that I think I'll need them.

Don't forget a spare tube or two.

Steve said...

I like to put some spare tubes in my drop bags. If I don't need them, I just leave them in the bag and pick them up at the end of the race. If I have had a flat, I take the tube with me.

If Perpetuem works for you. I'd plan on putting some powder in the bags. Personally, I don't like the taste Perpetuem leaves in my camel back so I don't like to use it. I'll put some bottles of Equate into my drop bags. I like the taste and it works pretty well for me. I figure I'll stick two in each bag. I'll drink one on the spot and put one in my pocket for the next hour. I'll suck down hammer gel, otherwise.

Just be sure you eat enough, but not too much. When riding hard, your body can't absorb too much. I don't know how big you are, but from what I understand, at my weight of 165 lbs, I can absorb a few hundred calories an hour. If you eat much more, it is likely upset your stomach, go straight through or give you gas. (Or maybe even all three.)

Be sure if you eat aid station food, it is stuff your belly can handle. Also, be prepared if you are at the tail end of the riders, for the aid stations to be pretty bare.

Again, good luck.