Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 31, 2007

1 day 13 hours

Less than 48 hours till I'm sitting on the line with 400 other riders.
I'm at work at the moment but plan on buggin out at lunch.
Gotta go by the grocery store.
I'll probly take stuff with me that I'll never use.

I rolled the tent back up last night, found my rechargable lantern and plugged it in to charge.
Havent used that in a year.
I hope it takes the charge. It was totally dead last night.

Took the bike to Cedarville for a last minute shakedown ride.
The front d seemed to work good.
I just gotta remember to carry the 10mm wrench in the camelback in case the wheel tries to knock itself outta whack.
The only thing left to do to the bike is change out the tires and tidy up the wires for the odometer.

Speaking of Cedarville, the Emu is gone.
I'd taken some dog food from home to try to feed it and it was gone.
That was fun while it lasted.

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Steve said...


Good luck on Sunday. Actually, I am going to do Shenandoah again this year. However, I am fighting an injury. You can check out: http://saintjuderacing.blogspot.com

We'll see how it goes.

Take care,