Just 99 miles to go

Friday, July 13, 2007

I just wanted an easy spin.

Decided to fore go some OT and meet up with the Oxon Hill bunch for a 5:30 Rosaryville ride.
I did some roading riding the night before and was looking for a easy ride through the woods.
Most of these guys are casual riders, with 1, Chip being faster than the others. They voted me to lead as they think I'm super fast. Shows how much they get out.

I really didn't feel like leading but how could I argue with 5 guys.
We had 1 newbie, he'll come into play later.

We took off with me going at a pretty easy pace.
Chip was following a little too close for my pride, so what could I do.
I put the hammer down.
I stopped at the top of a little climb and waited for everyone to catch up.
The newbie was lacking a little bit behind evan the guys in rear.
This continued till the half way mark of the trail.

At the half way mark we stop and regroup again.
The newbie is a good 2 minutes behind everybody.
We all get a good breather and take off.
Thats the last we see of the newbie.
2 1/2 miles later we stop to re group.
6 minutes go by, no new guy.
Chip rides back about a mile and comes back. No sign of him.
We split up, half go back, the other half with me,forge ahead to the trailhead.
Back at the trailhead, the newbies car is gone.
The little ass bugged out and didn't evan tell anybody.

Matt, the "leader" of the ride and the guy responsible for bringing the new guy was really pissed. I think he was worried more about what the rest of went through but it really didn't bother me. I was just glad the guy had made it back to his car. Saved us from searching rest of the park with the sun going down.

I don't anybody bothered explaining the rules to him very well.
1. We won't drop you. We might get ahead but will stop and wait.
2. You don't just drop off of the back without telling somebody.

On the weight loss front,
Wed night I was 230#.
Yup, between Tues and Wed the scale went down 3.5.
I do that alot with weight loss.
I don't consider weight really loss until its constant for atleast 4 days.

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