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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fat boy going to lose some weight?

I've been hanging out alot over at the Endurance racing forum on mtbr.com. Reading up on tips for longer races. I came across 1 post about climbing and a riders weight.

Basically it said lighter riders have a higher weight to power ratio which is better on climbs and its easier to work at losing fat than to work at increasing your power.
They gave an example of a 2lb difference in riders climbing the same hill. The lighter rider would gain 1 bike length over the other rider per minute. I hope I got that right.

Anyways, it got me re-thinking the whole losing weight thing.

I don't see why I couldn't lose atleast 15 pounds, and get to 220 in 7weeks.
According to the weight charts I'm obese anyways.
I'll start out slowly for week, cutting out sugar in coffee, no before bed cookies, no butter on vegtable, etc.
If that doesn't drop 3 or 4 lbs right away I'll change up my plans from there.
Maybe, dare I say it, diet sodas. Eww, I hate diet drinks.

The article also talked about muscle mass. Thats going to hurt.
So no more benching or biceps curls until after the race. The wife will just have to put up with a splindly looking husband for a few months.

So to get things rolling, last nights weight 233.5
Last week I was at 231. I can't figure out where that 2.5 pounds came from especially with my 70 mile epic at Rosaryville on Sunday.

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gwadzilla said...

I talk about sacrifice
but have a hard time keeping that promise

last night's ice cream binge was not the actions of someone looking to lose weight

it is hard