Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I don't wanna ride my bike anymore.

Thats how I felt after I finished my loops at Rosaryville.
There wasn't alot of fun involved in the ride.
Base training for my "goal" race.

I didn't want to ride there yesterday but with temps scheduled to go into the mid 90's a long road ride sounded less attractive than loops at Rosaryville.

Last week I finished 6 laps so I had to do atleast that.
I ended up with 7 laps and 2 miles on the road to try to get the odometer to show an evan 70 miles.
I failed.
That last half mile just didn't seem important after 7 hours on the bike.

No mechanicals but 1 minor spill that hurt like a SOB.
During lap 5 I took a turn too fast and washed out. I'd cleaned same turn 4 times previously.
Could it be I was getting tired?

I'm still playing with nutrition and adjusting things for longs rides.
After 6 hours I discovered a few things to work on
-my hands started hurting. New padded gloves or grips?
-my feet hurt on lap 7. I've already got high dollor Sidi's. Cushioned insoles?
-general aches and pains. I forgot the ibruprophen at home. They do actually help.
-my legs try to cramp more when I sit and spin. Maybe this is just a conditioning thing.

I wondering if it will be worth it to go for 8 laps before the race (sm100), or if 7 is good enough.
Right now 7 seems pretty damn good.
I'll see how I feel in 2 weeks.
Next week I'm taking a break from training and am going to try to do another race.
The Fairhill Classic.
This is a 23 mile loop race way up in northern Md. near the Delaware border.

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gwadzilla said...

shenandoah mountain 100?

give me butterflies just thinking about it