Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ugg, more training.

So I paid my money and am definately in the SM100.
With that in mind I went back to Rosaryville on Saturday, again.
I'm psyched about this thing.
If I wasn't I wouldn't have gone back so soon.
If I don't burn out in the next 3 months before the event it'll be a freak'n miracle.

The plan was to do 5 laps again and see if anything changed in the way I felt at the end.

A few things I tried differently
-used a 50/50 water gatorade mixture in my camelback for the between lap breaks. Also added ice to the camelback. Man a cold drink tasted good in that heat.
-used some energy bars instead of gels.
-popped some Motrin after about 3 hours.

The first 3 laps I just rode.
No energy.
No pep.
I wasn't sure weather I'd do evan 4 laps today or not.
Then I'm not sure what happened.
I had popped some motrin and finished a junk candy bar (in lieu of a power bar) but at 2 miles into the 4th loop I got my "2nd wind".

I felt good.
The trail was fun again.
The legs didn't feel like lead anymore.

I finished the 4th and went out again for my 5th.
I didn't evan need granny gear this time.
Finished the 5th lap and I wasn't dead.

What the hell?
Lets start another lap and see where it goes.
I intended to take a bailout point 2 miles in to the road.
Got to the bailout and kept going.
The next bailout was the halfway point for the lap.
I took it , I was done.

Actually the worst part of the whole ride was the road ride back from the bailout.
I wasn't (dead)tired, my legs didn't cramp, and my breathing was fine.
But oh my ASS!
That little 1-1/2 mile ride back to car was bitch.
Thats why I prefer the trail to the road.
Too much damned sitting.

Might I add todays ride was mostly without the Ipod.
Damn battery died 15 minutes into the ride.
Maybe it isn't a necessity on all the training rides.


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