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Monday, June 11, 2007

So. Md. Metric Century.

The road ride group I joined up with put on a ride down here in So. Md.
It was a the Rural Legacy metric century ride(62 miles).
Basically a ride around So.Md., past some historic stuff and some stops on the water.

It was the first time I'd did anything like this.
Show up between 7 and 9 am.
Register, grab a cue sheet and ride.
It must be an annual big deal cause the parking lot was packed. I wasn't expecting to see all those people. Probly around 300.

I just saw it as a chance to put in a few miles in on the road with a marked out course and alot of other riders. I figure, the more bikes out there the less chance I have of getting hit by a car.

I start out by myself, but not alone.
It was pretty cool. Evan on a 62 mile route, with all these people I never lost sight of another rider.

Not evan out of the park, I latch onto the wheel of a woman I think I had ridden with before on one of the clubs rides. I rember her as a pretty strong rider, a slow "A" I think. We're out the park and first thing I'm distracted by trying to position the stupid cue sheet. I'm not paying attention just following the girl. I finally look at the cue sheet and my mileage , "Hey , we missed a turn!".
Keep in mind, we're not 3 miles into the ride yet.
Sure enough I rember her real well now.
She kept missing turns on the previous club rides I'd been on.
Ok, new plan.
Don't follow her.

Well , unlike MTB rides were alot can happen, road rides are kinda lame.
Some things that did stand out,

-I came to a descent where the road was in pretty bad shape. Alot of shallow potholes and loose gravel. The roadies were all slowing down and trying to pick a good line. Showing them all how a MTB'r does it I blasted by them. Kinda stupid really. I'm damn lucky I didn't pinch flat or bend those tiny little road rims.

-They told us at the beginning to "follow the blue fish". For the first 10 miles I'm looking at trees and posts for signs with pictures of fish. That how they mark MTB trails , right? Finally I happen to glance down at one turn and theres a blue fish painted on the road. Son-of-bitch.
Thats a pretty good idea!
I gotta learn to ask more questions.

-40 miles in I'm riding down a stretch of road. Alone I think. All of sudden a guy pulls up next to me and says " I'll take a pull for a while and give ya a break". This butthead has been drafting me for god knows how long. I didn't evan know he was there.
Isn't there some sort rule against this?

-Roadies don't wave. Or nod. Or acknowledge your existance.
I probly passed 100 riders going the other direction during the day. I nodded or waved to everyone of them. 7 waved or nodded back.
Yep, I kept track.
Your probly thinking "After the first 50 why wave at all". By then I was getting pissed and figure it would just irk the hell outta them.
You think it was the camelback I was wearing or the constant drooling that alienated them?

I don't think I'll do it again.
It wan't really fun, and keeping track of the cue sheet in a pain in the butt.


Ps. The new specialized seat didn't perform very well. The boys and the boss were numb afterwards. I'll try adjusting a few things and give it one more shot. I've got 30 days to return it.

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