Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, October 05, 2006

She thought she was so smart.

The wife and I have seperate bank accounts.
I don't think either of us wants to give up our individuality (or we don't trust each other).
Although seperate, they're linked togather on our banks website.
We can get in there and look to see what the other is spending money on or transfer money back and forth when one runs a little short.

She informs me "Hah, I looked in your acct. and saw how much that bike cost".
I just let it lie.
I didn't touch it.

She's obviously never ordered a bike.
You never pay 100% when you order it.
Maybe I better pay the balance in cash when it comes in.

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mo said...

Yes, cash would be a very good idea and this is why our separate accts aren't even at the same bank.