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Monday, October 02, 2006

Damn, Busted!

I get home from work and the message waiting light is flashing on the phone.
I make a mental note to get it after I put away some stuff.
The wife shows up 5 minutes later so we go through our, how was your day, I did this , this and this.
I get ready to go and do some manly thing for the evening (usually this means staring at the garage trying to figure out how to make more room for bikes) then remember the message.
Hit play on the machine and out comes
"Hi Tom , this is Chris from the bike doctor",
Oh shit!
She's standing right next to me and "somehow" I "forgot" to mention to her that I was getting a new bike.
I hit skip as quick as I can but its too late.
She heard "bike".
I'm in trouble.
It might not be a problem for some guys but I don't out-right lie to my wife.
I with-hold information.
I under exaggerate how much something cost.
But I can't come out and tell her a bold face lie.
Than it starts.
"did you buy a bike?"
"how much did it cost"
"you didn 't tell me you were buying a bike"
"whats wrong with the other bike"

So she now knows,
but she's still not sure how much it cost.
All she got outta me was that its cheaper than my previous bike $1,200.00.
Ok, I might have under-exaggerated the price on the Paragon.

What really bothers me though is the way she thinks our relationship works.
I get something, she gets something.
Man I hope its not more furniture.
I man can take only so much of the "country kitchen" theme she has going.



SteveL said...

She would've noticed it sooner or later in the garage. They can smell that bike stuff.
Looks like you'll have the SS just in time for some night romps through R-ville. Probably see you on Sunday.

Tom said...

No, she wouldn't have.
She pays no attention to dirty things I have laying around the garage.

Thow some mud on it and she wouldn't have a clue.

DaveG said...

Hey, I stumbled accross your blog a few months back from the MORE site. You're freaking hilarious.

Keep up the good work!


mo said...

As a fellow withholder or underexaggerator (with purchases anyway), I feel your pain. And that country theme thing, you may have to just suck it up.