Just 99 miles to go

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rosaryville trailwork.

That time of year again.
Weekend after weekend of advertised trailwork on the MORE site.
Being a bum and skipping out on all trailwork this year so far, I decided to ease the conscious a little and do some trail work on Sunday.

I also wanted to get the skinny from the trail liason as to what the future plans out there are.

Trailwork days are also my chance to shine.
Sure I look like a big freak on a bike in cycling shorts, but put me in the woods with cutting and or digging implements and I fit right in.

One of my fellow dirt movers made the remark that he knew what my previous occupation was after watching me work on a tree for a few minutes with an axe like tool. "Yeah, I know. Lumberjack .Right?" "No. Axe murderer" he remarked.

I had to laugh.
I guess I resemble both depending on the beard length.

We cleared about a 1/4 mile of trail out.
The section is supposed to be turned into an advanced trail in the future so we were leaving any logs in place that looked like they could be ridden by somebody.
Not necessarily anybody who was there working there that day.
But more advanced riders.
This is going to be nice when its completed.

As an example,
currently there are maybe 3 or 4 logs (maybe less) that you need to ride over to complete the existing perimeter trail. Thats 10 miles.

We had at least 6 logs in the little 1/4 mile section that we did Sunday.
None were overly large, but hey its a start.
I wished I had bought my bike so I could have tested the trail.

I didn't get any riding in but still got my workout in.


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