Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oops , I fell on my bike.

Got kicked outta my place of employment about 6:00.
No, I didn't get fired.
I don't rank a key for the building yet so have to leave with the last "trustee".
They know just from looking at me that if I'm there by myself I'd clean them out of post-its and gel-pens.

So with nothing to do I headed to Cedarville.
Figured I could put on some lycra and pose at the trailhead.
Make a show outta checking my tire pressure.
Maybe flex the butt for some ladies.

There were a few cars parked but no spectators to be seen.
Damn, I'd have to go find them.
I'd have to be careful not to get my just washed jersey dirty.

After spritzing myself with OFF, checking the hair in the mirror, and straightening the seam on my shorts ( ya can't be seen with a non vertical seam) I was off.

Been about a week since I'd ridden and it felt good to be out.
I did the only thing you can do at Cedarville to have a good time, went fast.
I love my after work rides where your pushing at the end to get back before its so dark that ya can't see.

I now have an after ride treat to look forward to.
The powers that be finally realized that by putting the soda machine outside of the ranger station (which closes at 4) that they could sell sodas.
Ha!, Imagine that!

So each ride now ends with my new favorite soda, Vault.
For those of you who haven't had one.
To me it tastes like a Smirnoff Ice without the alcohol.
As I love Smirnoff Ice but can't handle alcohol very good, its a blessing.

I never could find anybody to flex for.


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Tom Stormcrowe said...

Flex denial by absence of spectators is far better than Flexus Interruptus!