Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Intentional night ride.

After the ride at the Rose the other night I kinda had the itch’n to get some night riding in.
Although this time with my light, done correctly.
I left work and got to Cedarville about 7:00.
Still wasn’t sure when sunset was but I knew by 8:00 that I’d need lights.
I went ahead and put the light on the helmet and took the battery .
The helmet was a pain in the butt.
I normally go topless at Cedarville. Don’t evan post up any thing about helmet safety.
They’ve been beating the subject to death over at MTBR and the self righteous attitude of helmet advocates is getting on my nerves.

where was I.

Started my normal loop.
Do I have a normal loop?
I’ve been out here so many times I try to do different things, but after more than 200 rides out there you’ve seen it all.

Anyways, it finally gets dark enough to use the light.

Man that was fun.

Theres nothing like riding in the dark to add excitement back to an old trail.

I did start to get nervous after 30 minutes.
Not because I was riding around in the dark by myself,
I was worried about getting back to the truck and having a ranger sitting waiting to give me a ticket.

I did start the ride in daylight.


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gwadzilla said...

tickets for stuff like that suck