Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've changed my mind about the SM100 about 30 times since my last post.
I'll do it.
No I won't.
Final verdict is no, I'm not.
I keep thinking about the next 3 weekends before the race and the things I have to get done at work.
Such is life.
I do take consulation with the fact that this will be the last time my business intefers with my life.
After this month its officially closed.
Good riddens!

On a biking note, I've finally got a 36 spoke wheel put together for my bike.
Hopefully it should hold up better than the stock 28 spoke stock wheels that I've been abusing.

I made the trip to the suburban hell that is northern virginia, at rush hour none the less, to have my buddy Peter give me a wheel building lesson.

Its really a pretty easy process.
We couldn't finish the build that evening though as my hub was missing a spacer. Pete took care of it for me though.
He took picts of the hub and emailed them to speedgoat.
I'm not sure if it was Petes influence, he's a long time customer of their's, or if they're just top notch.
They took the missing piece off of another hub and got it to me right away.
I don't think it hurt either that I ordered a shop grade truing stand and a few other accessories from them the next day.

I finished the final truing and tensioning by myself and everything seems to be working great.



David said...

Sorry to hear you are bailing on the 100. I could feed you shit about it, but I won't. I have been flip flopping myself. Biking is suppose to be fun, when it become's a chore well... that sucks. I am tried of trying to train also, My body is dead tired. Get a single speed and put some fun back into your biking. Your find some stripper to ride with. Either will work.

Tom said...

Nah, give me shit.
I deserve it.
If I'd gotten shit sooner I might have started earlier.