Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New shoes.

Doesnt’ matter what it is. Don’t ya just love new stuff.

My new Sidi Dominators just came in from the LBS. I left work and ran down and picked them up and tried them out at Rosarvyille.
I’m coming from a $30.00 pair of entry level shoes to these over priced Italian made things.
They were great.
They slid right onto my feet. I didn’t have to force them in like I’m use to doing.
They’re lighter than my old ones. I always felt like I was wearing heavy workboots with the others.
These have 2 velcro straps and a ratcheting buckle. That was nice. No shoestrings to retighten after 20 minutes of riding.
The best thing though was after the first hour of riding my feet still felt good. The old shoes would put pressure on a certain spot on my foot. After and hour it would start to hurt. After 2 hours I’d have to stop and give the feet a rest.
I’ll finally be able to do the longer rides without that aggrivating foot pain.

I got 2 loops in . The first was faster, doing my unofficial time trial.
Went from 57 minutes last time to 53 tonight with 1 washout.
I went down hard on my side and got some new "road" rash to impress the wife with.
I also made it over another log out there for the first time. I’ve been working my way up to getting over it. Last time I made it ontop of it, stalled and had to unclip. Tonight I stalled a little but then lunged my way over.
Damn, there wasn’t a soul around either to witness it.

Once again I ran into the problem of not recognizing people.
I’m getting ready to go out and a guy pulls up. He starts making normal biker chit-chat at first.
I make normal biker chit chat back.
He switches from biker chit chat to "I know you" conversation
Uh oh. I’m in trouble.
He looks a little familiar but I don’t know where I’ve met him before.
Trailwork? A ride?
I decide to come clean. You look familiar but I don’t remember where I’ve met ya.
It turned out to be on a trailwork day.
The funny thing is he puts on some sun glasses while where talking and bam, he really looks familiar than.
I’m still not sure which trailwork day at which park I’d met him before.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

I hate it when tyhat happens, on both counts! If you clean a really great move and nobody is thetre to observe the event, did it really happen? (Simple Quantum Physics 101: Heisenbergs principle of uncertanty, applied to mountainbiking!)

Tom said...

So the same would apply when you don't make it but break a part.
The part's not really broken.

I like physics!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yuppers, I'll make a geek out of you yet! ::GRIN:: What are your miles, for Spinner?

gwadzilla said...

the shoes break in
and when the parts break
they are replaceable

the shoes are not comforable for walking

I put an insole in my mine
but a cheap one
I should get a real ortotic