Just 99 miles to go

Friday, March 10, 2006

72 degrees, yeah baby!

That what the computer said when I took the bike off the truck. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it was warm.
Yeah, baby. Got me some of that.
I knew I wasn’t wasting these warm temps on the damn trainer.
I was debating between hitting the night ride at Wakefied in VA or Rosaryville.
The construction crews doing the work on the Woodrow Wilson bridge made my mind up for me.
They were still blocking off traffic and wouldn’t have it cleared up till 4:00. That meant a 5 mile backup getting into Va.
Ok, the Rose it is.
Shorts and light jersey all the way. I still had the sleeveless home packed away or I would have worn that.
I practiced some on the logs out there.
I think I’m starting to get over my mental hangups on them.
They look scary, but I got over them with no problem.
I always do my practicing alone, that way when I crash and get a concussion no one will know where to find me and I’ll end up dying out
Ok, maybe not the best of ideas on second thought.
But how cool would that be.
You would go down in MTBing history as the guy that died out there.
Every group ride for the next 20 years would start out with the story of guy who was riding by himself and died.
Maybe they would name the trail after me?
Ok, where was I at?
The ride.
I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen in over year. What makes him stand out in my head is that he’s black and a little bit on the heavy side.
You don’t see a lot of blacks (sorry about the un-polictically correct description) riding on MTBs.
Why is that?
I thought about riding some with him but he’s a little bit slower than me and I’m alway thinking about the training.
I ended up doing 2 laps. 59 minutes on the first with log practice, 1:02 on the second with a little bit of granny gearing.
My computer comes up with 9.5 miles for a lap. I gotta check that out. I know a lap is almost 10 miles.
What hurts is the weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next 4 days.
With my endurance theres no way to get out every day, and enjoy it.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

I'd leave the computer set the way it is and forget it's recording 1/2% slow! Good training tool that way! It gains you an extra half mile mentally when you are on a "real world mileage" ride for every 10!::GRIN:: By the way, meat is good, agreed, but for a sustained multiday ride you need carbs more!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

See ya in a few days! Headed out in the morning on my loop!