Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life changes, my head hurts.

I might be making a career change.
Not sure on the details yet or evan if its going to happen.
Very big deal for me as I’ve been doing the same thing with the same people for almost 20 years.
Not sure if I want to go from being self-employed to having a "normal" job.
I keep thinking about the loss of freedom, although in reality it was not like I took a lot of time off from work.
Feeling very stressed right now.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
If anybody reading this has went from being self-employed back to a real job , post up and tell me what you missed or didn’t.
As far a the bike.
I’ve only been on it once since a group ride at Rosaryville 1-1/2 weeks ago.
That was just practicing skills in my yard.
I’m not getting fat though.
Plenty of weight lifting and elliptical time going on.
I always resort back to the weights when I'm stressed.

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