Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A brand new year.

I had wanted to end the year with a ride and start the new one with a ride but plans got messed up.

I wasted a good part of Saturday over my parents doing some light electrical work for them. A trend I sort of started a few years ago. Instead of giving them lame ass x-mas gifts , I buy them something that they need and install it for them. Last year it was hard wood flooring (I just installed that, couldn’t afford the purchase), the year before a garage door, and this year a ceiling fan and I replaced a few bad electrical fixtures.

With the day being half shot and my cold still active I decided 1 more day of rest was in order.

I woke up Sunday and the cold still had me feeling under the weather. I’ve never had a cold stick around this long. Over a week now. I was getting pissed off and said screw it. I’m sick and tired of being "sick and tired". Went into the office to get some parts for a honeydo item and than went to Cedarville.

The ride started out shitty. I had given myself January 1 as the date to start some sort of training for the bike. With that in mind I kept trying to push myself faster than I was able. The cold and the week I spent off of the bike were taking its toll. Finally after 5 miles I got smart and slowed the pace down to a casual ride. That worked. I started actually enjoying myself. I followed a few unofficial trails just to see where they go.

Got in 17 miles before the cold air started taking a toll. I was sight. Hacking my head off and a runny nose. I was the picture of health.

This was my first chance at trying out my Goretex jacket. I’m not real impressed. I only wore a light summer jersey underneath and it was soaked by the time I got done riding. It was kinda warm, 54 when I started and 46 when I finished. Maybe it’ll be better suited for colder weather. It did do a good job at blocking the wind and it was comfortable for riding. No binding.

Monday the rain came as forcasted and gave me the excuse I needed to get some major brownie points from the wife.
She’s been bugging me forever to paint the living room. Ours is 2 story open style with a 20’ ceiling. Not something to be done off of a 6’ ladder. I got it knocked out. That should put me in the good for at least 2 months on any riding I wanna do.



SteveL said...

Better check out that cold. Last year I thought I had a cold and after a week, doc says pneumonia!! 4 weeks to get rid of it and the doc was close to putting me in the hospital because I wasn't taking it easy.
I got my wife a digital camera too, wink wink. (We both know who the digital camera is really for).

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Jack up your Vitamin C and take "Jewish Penicillin" aka Chicken Soup! Ironically, it turns out the old wives tale about Chicken Soup being good for a cold is TRUE! Chicken Broth has an antiviral component very effective againt cold and flu virus' according to studies by the NIH! Good to see you out riding! Keep it up, but do take care of the cold as well, sick gorilla is no fun!

Tom said...

What are you trying to imply Steve? That I didn't have her best interests in mind? After I got so much pleasure out of our joint gift to ourselves from last year, a damned living room set. I still say the old set looked fine with the duct tape patch.

Maybe now I can put some picts up on this blog.

I think the cold is running down. I don't think I'm congested enough for pneumonia anyways.

Tom, I suppose those fritos I've been wolfing down have been useless. PUL-LEEEEASE!!