Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

post xmas post.

The cold that reared its ugly head is still with me and probly at its peak for nastiness. I feel like shit.
So whats happening.

Although I wanted to get out somewhere on the bike Friday, work wouldn’t let me go. I had a hard drvie go bad and couldn’t get it replaced in time Friday afternoon. I finally got it going early Saturday afternoon. All my xmas shopping was finally done so I went on a well deserved ride at Cedarville.

The bike computer said it was 59 degrees. SWEET!! The trails where kinda wet but I didn’t give a shit. Theres so much double track out there that you can stay off of the muddy sections and still get some miles in. Against my better judgement I took the blue trail. This is the worst for wet conditions. It really wasn’t that bad . The only part I should have stayed off was a section that they had clear cut last year. That was kinda nasty. Thanks to the "big wheels" I kept traction and made it through.

Then it happened.
3:45 and the cell phone rings.
Although I try to slow the breathing down the wife can tell I’m out riding.
She didn’t say it outload but I could hear it in the tone of her voice.
"Its x-mas eve and your out riding while I’m home prepping for tomowrow".
I knew the fun was over and high tailed it home.

I tried the sympathy trick, limping on my operated knee as I walk in the house.
I think she’s catching on. No sympathy today.

I made out great on the recieving side for xmas.
Totally out the blue my wife had ordered some items for me from performance. There not my retailer of choice but they send out catologs once a month so theres always one around the house.

My favorite gift was a Century gortex jacket. I have been wanting a real goretex jacket since the cold weather started but I’m too cheap to buy one for myself. It’ll replace my ski jacket shell on rides. I hope it does as advertised and breathes well. I was soaked with sweat on the Rosaryville ride last week .

Next was a camel-back mule. I thought I might be getting this but wasn’t sure. This won’t get used till spring though.
What wasn’t a surprise , the Road to Athens DVD. To make sure I got this I emailed the wife the link to the site. I don’t think I could have been anymore obvious than that.
Last in the biking related department, a small tv-dvd combo. This will go in the basement to entertain me while on the trainer.
Oh, from the in-laws I got a gift certificate for my LBS.

I’m slowly running out of reasons for not training now. I’ve got a decent cold weather jacket and entertainment for the trainer.
With the holidays half way over I can start thinking more about the bike.

It was this time last year that I decided I wanted to try the SM100. When I first decided I would go for it, my only goal was to finish. Now with more experience on the bike I want to beat some of the times that my buddies had on their first try at the 100.

Basically, I want to finish in daylight. So what, we’re talking about a 12-1/2 hour time. Its do-able.
I’m more worried about getting technical training in. Finding time and places to put in for base miles won’t be bad. I’ll need to drive though to get time in on technical terrain.

It doesn’t matter what shape the cardio is in. All it takes is one small crash to knock me or the bike outta commission.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

Het Tom! Sounds like you had a pretty good Xmas too! I also went out riding on Christmas eve AND yesterday as well! Between the two rides, I goe 22 and 14 miles respectively! Lets see........I got cycling shorts(and it was warm enough to tru them out yesterday!), a jersey, a Bob and Tom sweatshirt, a set of Panniers! basically, I GOT GEAR!! I also got good riding weather for Xmas as well!

Tom said...

It sounds like both of our families are feeding our cycling addiction.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

This is a good addiction to feed! By the way, Walmart has windproof shells on sale for $13.00! They're pretty decent too! Wick moisture and all that! Shell Jackets that is!