Just 99 miles to go

Friday, December 23, 2005

Goings on.

I'm off the laptop and on one of those split ergonomic keyboards. I bought one when they first came out years ago. Used it for 2 weeks and decided it sucked. Thanks to one of the children spilling a sticky sweet child drink, it has been bought temporarially out of retirement. So if this entry seems to end abruptly, I got tired of typing.

Made it out to Wednesdays Rosaryville night ride. Pretty darn cold. Good turnout for being so cold. Most of the ride everybody stayed togather as one group. I hung on pretty good until about 3/4 of the way through. RickyD was leading and he's known for leading some of the fastest "moderate" rides you've ever been on. He did keep it toned down though.

The last 2 miles me and DaveM had our own little casual group. I couldn't figure out why but I was really starting to rag out. Turns out I got a cold which revealved itself to my thursday evening. Thats why I bonked so hard.

That made my mind up for me as to a ride at Gambrill that I was invited too for Friday. Mr. Kegley and a guy I had corresponded with on MTBR, whom I actually met for the first time Wednesday, were going there. Its cool the people you get to know off of the internet.

Alright, my fingers are tired and I gotta dig up the cough medicine.

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