Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

back on the big wheels

Lbs called.
The paragon is ready.
Just in time for a night ride tomowrow at the Rose.

So if this seatpost tube snaps every 9 months I dont have to worry about the scratches caused by the chainsuck.

Next time it'll be the 06 year model as a replacement.

I'm not too sure about the yellow.

Oh, I figured out how to get all the riding in I want without the wife complaining.

I just need to gain 40lbs and get fat.

So that being said.

I'm asking for nothing but gift certificates to BK for xmas.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

How about posting a pic of that 29'r? I'd like to see it!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Just popped in to say...."Merry Christmas!"