Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rosaryville night ride.

Yay, first night ride of the season. Well, other than that quickie I did by myself at Douthat.

Yay, first GROUP night ride of the season.

After Ma nature tried to give me a scare earlier in the day, deciding wheather it would rain on us or not, she finally decided to let us ride in 60 degree weather. It was shorts and short sleeve jersey for me .
It was great being among so many friendly, familiar faces again. Everytime I turned around when I first got there I heard "Hi Tom" come out of the darkness. Rosaryville has no lights so we have to get ready only by the lights of our vehicles. Makes it real hard to see who’s yelling at ya.

Had 15 or so people show up and we split into 2 groups of course.
Casual and moderate.

I opted for the casual ride evan though I really wanted to ride with some of my buddies from last winter who were going moderate.
I used the reasoning of leaves on the trails, my first night ride of the season, and a still not 100% knee to justify the decision to go casual. But the real reason is I’m a big pussy. I’m sandbagging and am not going to get better unless I start trying to keep up with better faster riders. I think a year of riding casual is enough. If your on a group ride with me and I say I’m going casual, call me a big pussy (I hate that) and shame me into going moderate. I’ll thank you later after I chase you down for calling me a pussy.

We had my camping buddy Dave leading us around. He did a pretty good job of keeping on the trail, especially with all the leaves. I think between now and the next week is going to be the peak of leaves on the trail. Our group had Dave M, Mr. Scud, Todd, Josh, and the only new face to me, Arleigh.
I did get to hear about the "going ons" from Todd about the current trail work out there.

Some of the moderates had come back around to meet us 1 miles before the end including old riding buddy David. I guess their way of saying, "We already did our loop and than came back to check up on you, look at us , we’re fast!". Skinny little bastards. (Nutt’n but love her guys).

David was behind me that last mile and I guess I wasn’t going fast enough for him.
He tried pulling some NASCAR shit, and bumped me.
"Hey!, what the hell are ya doing".
He forgot he was dealing with a 240lb clyde on 29" wheels.
I didn’t budge.
You better gain some weight David if you wanna move me outta the way---Pussy.

See ya


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hey Tom, I only outweigh you by 52 pounds now! Woohoo! C'mon by and say hi!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I'll have you posted in next weeks chart on Sunday! Hopefully you'll remember to post into my comments on "Spinner Saturday" so I have at least 2 data points for the program! Let your guys know about "Spinner" if ya want....I'll post them in too as they come in and comment!

David said...

I was having one of those dale earnhardt moments, and thought if I hit you just right it would take the air off the back end of your bike. which would cause you to get loose and the tail end would come around sending you into the wall. but you weren't going fast enough. I think you need to be going at least 100mph for this to work. But I thought I would try anyways.