Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pushing a little harder.

Got a loop in at Rosaryville on Wed and Friday afternoon. Nothing special. Oh wait. I almost forgot. I knocked my ride time on a loop down to 48:30. One minute better than my best. And ride time equaled elasped time. No breaks.

Sunday afternoon after a couple hours of work I hit Rosaryville once again. I needed to get a decent hurting ride in. I used to weight lift alot and am a big believer in progressive resistance. I did 2 loops and although I knew I couldn't do a third, I went ahead and did another 2.5 miles to one of the bail points.

Actually , now that I'm thinking about it. I probly could have and should have did a full third lap. Last year at this time I was dying after the first lap. I was totally spent and gave it everything I had. After todays ride I wasn't "dead". I still had something left. It wasn't much but I should have "used it all up". Next time I'm going till dead. So what if I can't work the next day. We have to keep the priorities straight. (I'll end up homeless, but dammit I'll be in shape)

I sure hope gas prices head down again soon. I've been sticking close to home partly because it's hard justifying the added commutting expense to other trails when I've got 2 places that are on my commute everyday.

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