Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ride time equals elasped time, finally.

I was planning on hitting Cedarville as the body just didn't fill back yet from all my hill climbing over the weekend. The more I thought about those lame trails the less I felt like it. So I decided last minute to pull into Rosaryvillle and ride there.

There were 3 guys about ready to leave out as I pulled up. They would be tonights motivation. If you've read my previoius posts you know I like to have "races" with people I see on the trails. They have no clue as to what I'm doing. Its all in my head. But it keeps me moving at a good pace.

I got my shit togather and left out after them. They took the clockwise direction. My favorite way, but nobody elses. That meant they were really good and like the big hill climbs or they were relatively new here. They had a 5 minute head start. If they were newbies I could probly catch them in a few miles. If they were vets, I'd keep my pace up the whole ride trying to catch them.

To my dissapointment, they must have been pretty new. I caught up to 2 of them at the 1-1/2 mark. They were breaking at the top of the powerline climb. I passed them and then caught there buddy a mile later. I was just following 200 feet behind him wainting for a good chance to pass. He must of got tired of listening to the click-click-click of my bottom bracket and pulled over and let me pass.

Now, the tables were turned. My goal now. Not to get caught.

I ended up for the first time riding the loop without a break. Thus the title of this entry.

Ride time of 51:00 minutes. Very good considering I'm riding while trying to avoid using the 4,5, and 6 rings on my cassette. I just changed the chain and its not getting along with those particular cogs. The SOB is skipping under any sort of pressure.

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