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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Using clipless pedals again- 16 weeks Po

I finally got the nerve to put the clipless pedals back on the bike. It went a lot better than I thought it would go. I had been missing them in some areas. Mostly, when barreling over root gardens. There were a few times without them that I almost got thrown off of the pedals.

I thought that I’d have a relearning period since I’ve been using flats for 2 months, but no. I got right back on them and didn’t have any incidences of forgetting to unclip. The only drawback I notice about the clipless is that your foot stays in the same position while pedaling. With flats when the leg starts to fatigue I’d move the foot forward or backwards, using different muscles to pedal. With the clipless, there ya are, and your staying there.

I did go over a good sized log that I chickened out before with the flats. Its not a trail log, its one they have in the parking lot they use as a car stopper/curb. I was pretty impressed with myself, it was a 10-14 incher.

Of course, all this happened at the ol’ favorite, Cedarville.

I got 21 miles in today. I thought about breaking my ride record but theres a ride going on tomowrow that I plan on doing, and the ipod died.
I’m not sure what happened. It should have plenty of charge left in it. I might be ruining it by all the sweating I’m doing. I’ll try charging it and see if it comes back to life. I hope so. I’ve really gotten accustomed to having it on my lone rides.

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Tom Stormcrowe said...

Sounds like you're coming right along in your recovery of the knee! Good Show old chap!