Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 04, 2005


The day finally arrived.
I got back to Rosaryville.
I decided about 10:00am that I would give it shot today.
It’ll sound stupid but I was nervous in the hours leading up to my ride.
I was more worried about my lungs than anything.
I’ve been putting miles in at Cedarville, but they have no hills to speak of.
I was thinking back to a year ago when I started MTBing .
I’d been going to Cedarville for a month, thought I was good with the improvements I was seeing there.
Tried Rosaryville and it kicked my ass.

I was afraid I’d have a replay of that today.
I was feeling good but I did got 20 miles in yesterday at Cedarville.
Many a time I’ve went out feeling good just to find that the legs needed a day of rest.

I decided to do the loop clockwise, although its generally easier the other way.
I wanted to see if I could make it up the power-line hill.
I didn’t.
The legs and lungs were able but I picked a bad line and lost it on some loose gravel.
Some of my friends would have went back down and tried it again, but I still had 80% of the trail ahead of me and didn’t want to waste energy.

Rest of the loop went good.
I walked 1 of the ravines that I normally would ride, the other ravines I could never ride across anyways.
I skipped 2 of the medium sized log jumps but did ride the small ones.
The energy level was still up pretty good at the end of the ride.
I thought it was because I was riding a slower pace than normal but the ride time showed 1:01:00.
This is good for me. I think the last time I was out there I did a 1:05:00.

I got cocky and decided to go the other direction after the first loop.
I knew if I didn’t have it in me I could bail after about 2.5 miles at the picnic tables, and I did just that.
I bonked.
I’m going have to start carrying food and see if it helps in these situations.
I have bad eating habits, and usually don’t eat during the day.
I hadn’t had anything to eat before the ride. I know this can’t be good.

Rosaryville’s outta the way.
Wakefields next.


Your Name Here said...

Congrats Tommy. I'm glad it went well. I think you'll find that everything comes back pretty quickly.

See you at Wakefield soon.


Tom said...

Thanks Pete. I don't think it'll all come back though until I can put the clipless pedals back on the bike.
I'm really starting to miss them.