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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trainer accessories and PT.-Day 34 PO

I had PT this morning. The one time this week. I've heard of people going 3 times a week but I'm still only going once. They finally changed stuff up some, so I'm doing exercises that actually strengthen the muscles. There's one where a rubber tube, imagine a huge rubber band is put behind my knee and then to a stationary object. While the band pulls the leg foward, I'm supposed to pull it back straight. After about 5 reps the leg starts shaking and wants to quit. It was a reality check on how weak the muscles in there have gotten. The only comment the therapist gave me on the leg was that the swelling is still a little bit more than it should be.

I go twice next week. I think this is because the doctor is supposed to give me the go ahead and get rid of the crutches completely. At this time I'm supposed to be using 1, although in reality I'm using it only half the time.

I picked up a slick tire and new computer from bike doc on my way in to work. The computer they have that will work off of the back tire comes with a cadence sensor. I really dont care about cadence, but oh well. I need something to give me a feedback on the trainer.

The kid had a soccer game scheduled for 5:50. I show up there about 5 minutes before. Shes 8 now and the games are getting more interesting as she gets older. As I walk up there still another team playing on the field, I figure they're running late. But I don't see the other team that we're playing. Turns out the games not till 6:50. There go my plans of putting the new parts on the bike when I get home and testing them out. When I do get home I install the slick and try that out. Oh yeah. Much better. I get the computer half way mounted and call it a day. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

As I'm getting the parts for the bike on the trainer I'm wondering if its in vain. Its not going to be long before I try to hit the road again. I guess the slick is better for the road and I needed a computer anyway.

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