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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm a MOUNTAIN Biker dammit

A post I put on MTBR.com

I'm currently on crutches from an accident that happened a few months ago on my bike. This invokes the usual inquiries from people, wanting to know what happened. I explain I had an accident on my "bike". Alot of times I then get to hear from them they know someone else who had an accident on their motorcycle and what happened to them. I then explain explain, no, I have a mountain bike. Not a motorcycle. Then I get that look that says "Oh, you were just on a bicycle". Like, oh thats no big deal I thought you were on a real motorcycle.I've been thinking about it lately and is p**ssing me off. You think MTB'g is easier than riding a dirt bike. Oh yeah, its real hard twisting back on the throttle and making it up that hill. P*ssy.I think we oughta start MTB gangs and ride around to local bar where "bikers" hang out and start making names for ourselves. Make them respect us! Come on, you know we're in better shape than them. We can take them!!! As soon as these crutches are gone, I'm there!It is a funny visual, 20 or 30 MTB'rs in biker shorts,bright jerserys, and camelbacks walking into a biker bar and kick'n butt.I just had to vent, 3 weeks off of the bike (so far) is giving me too much time to think about things.

This came about last night as I was watching an episode of Monster house where they were doing a house with a motorcycle theme. And lately as the weather gets nicer the roads are starting to get more "fair weather" cyclists on them.



gwadzilla said...

retelling the tale woe can get old
I sent a mass email to work telling my tale... the short version
now I need flyers or a t-shirt to handle people I run into on the street or at parties

gwadzilla said...

and yes
it is a bummer about missing Lodi
as well as missing some other races
maybe our time away from the bike will make us appreciate our time on the bike more
and I hope this is it for injuries for us....

Tom said...

The end of injuries? I doubt it. As you said , injuries just mean we're pushing ourselves to the limit. Lets just hope we learn and try to keep them small.
Thank god for decent health ins.