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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday 3/11 Playing in the yard

Took the bike in to work in case the Wakefield ride happened. As of 5:30 nothing was definate and I was tired anyways. I spent all day huffing 200lb glass doors around. The back was stiff and the knee was feeling pretty shredded. Got home early (7:00 pm). Planned on suiting up and going for a leisurly RR, BUT the cat was outta food and I needed some food. You wanna see a cat give you a nasty ass look? Pour some dog food into his bowl. Its amazing how affectionate a cat will become when it wants food. Any other time its acts like I'm a leper.

So I finally get back home and figure I'll give the eliptical a shot. One.., two..., three..., spins. Oh no. Thats not gonna happen tonite. That felt like shit. So I wander outside to see how the bike feels. It actually felt good. No pain at all. So I spend some time praticing bunny hopping, trackstands and other bike feats. I get loosened up and then decide to do my short "speed" drills. Its probly less than 1/8 mile from my garage to the main rd. but I run it at full speed as fast as I can. I know this is has got to be freak'n the nieghbors out. Me out there on our short dirt road zooming back and forth in the dark.

I've been preoccupied with the knee lately. I've about decided that if the doc tells me it is a torn ACL I'm gonna go ahead and get the surgery done ASAP. I'm probaly jumping the gun, I better just wait and see what happens on Monday.

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Your Name Here said...

Hey Tommy. Two comments here. Cats and dog food... Mao (our male cat) will eat freaking anything that is in the bowl. He's more dog than cat. He plays fetch, eats and almost barks like a dog. Gracie (our girl kitten) is more cat-like. She's pretty picky when it comes to food. If we give her something she doesn't like, she'll sniff it, then come over and rub up against you as if to say "I love you even though you give me disgusting food." Its hard not to want to run out to the pet store and get her what she wants when she's so dang cute.

As for the knee.. Damn my friend, that sucks. I can understand where you're coming from, having had problems with knees in the past. I know it isn't much fun and that the uncertainty is what bugs us the most. Good luck on monday. My thoughts are with you.

We'll miss you on Sunday. Family is important. We'll do the dinner thing again soon. I think others will take up the torch after this. I only wish the trails were in better shape. If the snow holds off, we might get to ride some singletrack.

Take care,