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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cedarville suprisingly nice-the weekend

So Friday, the weather forecast is showing Sat and Sun in the mid forties with precipitation Fri and Sat night. Not looking really good for riding with most trails already in crappy shape (or so I think). I didn't see any rain either day. You go Washington area weather people. You worthless piles of shit. I've got to admit. I was never this preoccupied with the weather until after I started MTBing. No wonder my resting HR not going down. I'm always stressed about the damn weather now.

So I work Sat till 3:00 and figure I'll hit Cedarville on the way home. Its 5 minutes outta the way on my commute home, but its got alot more roads to ride than Rosaryville. Did my normal pavement/fireroads than decided to check out someof the trails. For the most part they were nice, damn nice. Total I got in about 13 miles. I made a consious effort to ride the hills in bigger gears than normal.

Sunday there was a group ride scheduled for Great Falls but I'm so far back on work that I decided I'd better skip it. I really like the scenary out there too. I can almost can forget I'm in the DC area and pretend I'm riding some trails in WV. So I go into work till 3 again and hit Cedarville again on the way home. This time I didn't waste time on the roads, went straight for the trails. They were nice. A few bad spots but mostly on the double track. Got in about 12 miles. Had to hurry home so the wife wouldnt bust my chops as to where I've been. I walk in the door and she's just vegging on the couch watching TV. Shit, I could've rode for another hour and she wouldn't have cared. I hate when that happens.

BTW, both days it got up to about 54 degrees. It was sweet. I rebelled again and left the helmet in the truck. I know, don't lecture. This is the guy who sold his motorcycle when Md. passed the helment law 10 years ago.

Scaled showed 138.5 last night. Hmmmm, standard deviation or could my average be dropping.
Now where'd I leave that doughnut.


Wayne said...

Scales showed what? You didn't die on me did ya? ;)

Tom said...

It took me a minute, I'm thinking, what the hell is he talking about.
I don't make fun of your spelling , you don't make fun of my typos.