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Sunday, March 27, 2005

God Damn the pusher man.

I can't remember who sings this or if the words are the exact lyrics but thats how I feel right now, and I'm the pusher. I know others out there are guilty of it. Pushing what you might ask? Mountain biking. For some reason we try to get others involved in our obsession. The worst is when we involve family members. My victim, my brother in law. I tried to get my brother but someone warned him I was coming. He had his excuses lined up and prepared in advance and I couldn't argue with him.

I'm not so bad. I'm hooking a non-blood relation. I wouldn't evan think of trying to involve someone say as close to me as my father. (I've heard of others doing this and think its horrible, "cough,cough,- jason-a").

The idea started when I ordered my 29er. "I'll have 2 bikes, I can get my brother to go with me". I actually had good intentions. He's 2 years younger than me but overweight. Not what normal people consider over weight ( oh, if only I could lose 20 or 30 pounds). Obesity runs in my family and my 6'-2" brother is running between 350-400. I really figured if I could get him hooked in this it would do him alot of good. Plus he makes pretty good money and could buy good bike stuff he could share with his caring brother. When I bought the idea up to him he sort of dismissed me like I was the village idiot ("me on a bike, you're an idiot"). So that ended there.

So looking around the family for the next likely victim, my brother in law. I bought the idea up to him and he thought it was cool. This was a few months ago before I actually had 2 bikes and before the whole knee injury thing.

So today , Easter, he's over for dinner and we're out in the garage trying to see if he can actually ride my 22.5 Trek. I had my doubts. He's only about 6', maybe 6'1". He does have to tip toe a little over the top tube, and I had to switch to the standard seat post from the thudbuster. But he can ride it. We go for a short trip to get him used to it and see how he does. I can tell, he's gonna go for it. He's following me jumping curbs, trying wheelies, doing a pretty good attempt at real bunny hops, he impressed me.

So next weekend sometime I'm supposed to take him to Cedarville. I'll see what happens. I just feel bad that if he likes it he'll have to be on his own for a while until I can ride again. If he goes for it I'll tell him about the MORE site and get him to show up for some casual rides.

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