Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday 2/27

Did I mention how ragged out I was yesterday. Walked in the door bent over limping like an 80 year old. That 1-1/2 commute home just stiffened everything up. I did get to eat the sloppiest grease filled pizza I could lay my hands on without an ounce of guilt.

Woke up this morning with everything still a little stiff. Went to work until about 2:00 than went by Cedarville on the way home. Sitting at my desk was stiffening things up and the lower back was really hurting from the benchcutting. I decided a good spin was in order. I knew the trails were a no go, but theres a little bit of asphalt and a little bit more of gravel roads that I could ride. I'm trying to get a feel for where the trails intersect some of the dirt roads at. Thats was just what the doctor ordered. Got in about 12 miles of exploring with some good big ring hill work outs.

Got a chance to talk to one of the DNR guys out there about the clear cut at the blue trail. He said he'd already went through and flagged the clear cut so we could find the other end of the blue but it'd be a while before we could ride it. Those DNR guys are always so helpful and friendly. I get the feeling he doesn't see alot of people in the winter.

Right now I'm getting that day and half later work hard high. A day or so after a butt break'n day I feel real good. I don't get it with the bike, just extreme manual labor. I think the body still needs to adjust completly to the bike. Alot of the vetrans tell me it takes time to get your "biker" legs. The
conditioning that only comes with time on the bike.

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