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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

out with the roadies

Joined the "fab brew crew" on a Tuesday night road ride.
I haven't ridden with a group of roadies in long time. On the prompting of my "friends" I went out with the "A".  It was only 21 miles so I thought I could hang.
I was wrong.
I'm definately a strong "B" rider.
We passed the B group about 12 miles in and I'd had enough. I defected to the B's.
Rode at the back for a few minutes than realized how slow some of them were.
I ended up passing 95% of the b group and hung with the 2 guys off the front.
Me and the lead guy ended up being the 1st of the b's in.
17.8 mile average to end the ride.
My solo road rides (between 24&35 miles) usually average 16.5 mph so they pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Mission accomplished.

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